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Weekly Wrap: Begin Again


We were given a last minute gift from another chaplain and will be running around all weekend near Garmisch. I will be running through the blog hops early next week. I am sure to have more time since a couple of my kids will be at camp, right? Right? Anyone?

We are dealing with some behavioral issues in our home. Because of this, I went in search of a way to set time limits on our iPad. We only have one so this article on “Limiting Time on the iPad” was extremely helpful!! iGameMom also had an article explaining how you can limit what app your children are limited to while playing. This is quite useful for our home since we have several different ages using one iPad.

This just irritates me. Why can’t people read or show respect to those who sacrificed so much for the US??? WHY!?



I was out of town last week and wasn’t able to link my Weekly Wrap: Summer Break post in. If you are interested in quickly perusing it, please do. I highlighted my daughter’s blog and was curious as to how many HS kiddos have one. We are kicking off our homeschool year pretty early. We know a move is coming sometime this fall, so I want to get moving with our school year. That being said, I was caught a bit unaware with the move, so of course I am no where near ready with our school books. Being a military family can sure be challenging at times. In moments like this, I have to learn to breath deeply and trust that God will work this all out. These moments also make me smirk a bit as I have to adapt my lists and schedule again 😉

I am hosting a giveaway for my friend’s book Now What: a Guide to Teaching Reading After Phonics. Please check it out! I wish I had read her book before my 3rd and 4th children stumbled through their reading attempts!

We have finally ordered our books! Much later than I hoped this year, but certainly not the latest they have ever been ordered. As I looked at our calendar, trying not to panic about the books and start date, I realized that our schedule for August is just packed! There was just no way to start school earlier than September this year. That gave me a great deal of peace and so now the books can come when they come. We will just adjust our year accordingly. Isn’t that what homeschooling is all about? Flexibility with a crazy life? Yes!

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