JJ is still a bit of a wildcard, but boy does he have a sweet heart!! Every child has a challenging phase and in those moments I simply have to remember that it is indeed just a phase, and that this too shall pass. Motherhood has been a great way in which God reminds me to cling hard to His promises in all things!

From August 2010:

I tell you guys what!!! I am putting this video on here to remind myself that my toddler DOES have positive points and can be quite fun/funny!!

I have to remind myself that he is adapting to a new little brother and he is NOT the center of attention anymore. He is our family clown and he got EVERYONE’S attention regularly before the new little guy showed up. I know that being de-throned is hard on a child. He is also fully into that 3yr old phase which is always harder on our kids than 2 could ever be.

Last night JJ had a full blown fit attack. First, he asked for another PBJ sandwich. Not being sure he could finish another whole one, I made one half for him. I told him that if he finished it, I would gladly make him another. He started having a fit, so of course I told him he didn’t have to eat it. My daughter came in to the kitchen and asked if she could have it. I gave the rejected sandwich to her and this caused JJ to scream louder and physically advance on the girl child. It’s just such a crazy time, toddler-hood. I think my cousin said it best on his response text

“I don’t want that!!! Hey don’t give that to her, it’s MINE!!”

One thought on “Toddlers!

  1. He is still a sweetheart. I love your children. The little ones are so open, honest, smiling and full of enthusiasm. They always make me smile. (I know the older two are also but they have have a more subtle way of showing it…I guess that’s maturity.)

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