Well, the light is on, but….

I missed my Friday Fragments, what a bummer. I had totally intended to climb out of my busy life to jot a little bit down, but alas, I didn’t. So here are my ramblings for this Saturday, the first of the new year!!  I did get a HS post up this week, you can read about that at C2C.

I have some major blogging decisions to make 😦  I would love some advice or thoughts.  I do enjoy my WP space for my homeschooling blog/info share, however I love to personalize and play with layouts.  After February I will have to pay close to $30 just to customize the background.   Do I just narrow down to one blog?  I really would rather keep the HS space different because of content.  This is my brain drain, that one is more resource and HS specific.  Who hosts you and how much is it? 

On that note, exporting and importing a blog is a major pain.  Blogger was being a pain yesterday when I was attempting to play around with blogger options for our HS stuff.  And I can’t label the ‘home’ page for the HS blog.  Bummer.

Yay note, my baby sister is getting into the blogging world.  She is so artistic and fun!!  I am so excited to ‘see’ her on a daily basis.  The very VERY funny part is that she went about her decorations in an old MySpace style and deleted tons of code,  making her blog feed and other features disappear.  She will get it rolling right very soon.  Go check her out if you have time.  She has been sworn not to share all those little sister stories of me, so don’t ask!! 😉

Over our school break I got many of the corners of the house cleared out, we got organized and enjoyed Christmas, but it is now time to get those taken down.  We had major computer problems just before Christmas.  The good school computer got all glitchy and I literally spent weeks trying to work on it.  Just before we took the thing to Geek Squad, I was running it in safe mode (ask me about this, it’s really useful if your computer goes wonky on you!!!) to save pictures when I saw a system recovery option.  I was able to use that and save the computer!!! Woohoo!! What a relief on the pocket book!!!!

All right, it’s Saturday and I must be about family business and taking down the decorations.  We do get to head out on a date night with some friends from church.  Very excited about this!!  Have yourself a great weekend!!

2 thoughts on “Well, the light is on, but….”

  1. I’m use wordpress.org and am hosted by Bluehost and I like them. Happy New Year!I think you should keep the blogs separate only because that’s what it sounds like you are leaning toward. Follow your gut.

  2. Thank you, Mami. I really do feel like I should keep them separate. Following my gut… that made me chuckle only because after the Holidays I feel like it has taken over my life!! hahahahaha, get it?? Gut??? Ok, yes, I am a geek 😉

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