Is it still raining?

Is it still raining out there?  Ok, so I am not talking about actual physical rain, you know, the stuff that waters the garden or where I was raised, can cover the ground with a sheet of ice overnight 😉

(Play this in the back ground while reading)

(or this one)

I am talking about the ‘rain’ that comes into our lives.  That ‘rain’ that drenches our souls with sorrow and gives the sensation of drowning our faith.  These are times of testing and trials (James 1), these are times of refining fire that leaves our souls burned and scorched.

Be gracious to me, o LORD, for I am pining away; Heal me, O LORD, for my bones are dismayed.  And my soul is greatly dismayed; But Thou, O LORD- low long? (Psa 6:2-3)

How long, O LORD? Wilt Thou forget me forever?  How long wilt Thou hide Thy face from me?  How long shall I take counsel in my soul, Having sorrow in my heart all the day?  How long will my enemy be exalted over me? (Psa 13:1-2)

I have heard some folks say that Christians shouldn’t feel sorrow, lost, confused… they simply need to have more faith.  Would we say that of David?  What of Abraham?  Both of these men are listed in the famous ‘faith’ chapter of Hebrews 11.  They had faith that saved them, faith that was credited to them as righteousness.  I believe it would be wrong for us to state that faith saves us from these emotions and intense trials.  Even the major prophets cried out to God asking how long.  And the answer was not always comforting. 

Then I said, “Lord, how long?” And He answered, “Until cities are devastated and without inhabitant, houses are without people, and the land is utterly desolate. (Isa 6:11)

In this world there will be sorrows and trouble.  Jesus himself warns us that this will happen if we follow him.  God doesn’t say we will be saved from these things, He tells us that we can bring our burdens to Him and He will carry them (Matt 11:28).  Jesus told his disciples that they would scatter and leave him, yet he would not be alone because the Father was with him.  He found comfort heading into his sufferings and death because the Father was with him.  Jesus didn’t get to side step the suffering, He just knew he would have God with him as he suffered.  He offers the same comfort to us when we suffer and walk through trials… because they will come, my friends. 

I have said these thing to you, that in me you may have peace.  In the world you will have tribulation.  But take heart; I have overcome the world.  (John 16:33)

You can rail or wail against God and His will all day long.  But at the end of the day, find rest and comfort at the foot of the cross.  You will find rest, comfort, and healing from the brokenness there.

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(this post was inspired by Rachel and the literal rain that fell for the whole week here. May God bring His SONshine into all our lives)

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