Day By Day

Wow, this post brought back so many memories, not many of them good. Have you put more on your plate than you can handle today, this week, or this month? Did you know that burning a candle on both ends just burns the candle out that much faster? Have you asked God if you should add one more thing to your schedule?

From November 15, 2015:

Good morning, big and bright world! Good night to my sweet friends in Alaska. It has been a bit of a stretch since I checked in with you all and most of that is my fault. I do love blogging. It’s one of those things that really gives me a break from the ‘normal’ of my ‘day job’, and trust me, I often need that break. The reason I have been absentee here these weeks (months) has to do with school. I won’t lay the blame fully on the homeschool scene, but I will be honest about having 5 kids at the table this year. It is very challenging! There are many subjects, many grade levels, and one very demanding 4-year-old who is just not happy being stuck in Pre-school. He really feels he is ready for the Big League of Kindergarten, which he is not ready for 😉

The reason I can’t completely blame my children for the Op Tempo of our lives has to do with my own schooling. Back in 1995, I began an educational journey that I have not yet completed. I want my Bachelor’s Degree! I got pretty tired of being scorned for not having this blasted piece of paper to show that I could indeed accomplish more than simply being a Stay At Home Mom. While I did choose to stay home with my kiddos, I wanted to somehow prove that I was capable of more, I simply chose this.

I must confess that after having 5 kiddos and realizing just what exactly is involved with raising 5 children, homeschooling them, and all that, I have come to realize that what I do is extremely important! No, I don’t have a piece of paper that says I am a legitimate member of society and therefore I have merit. Instead, I am the key player in shaping the lives of 5 people. I hold quite a bit of power in my hands as I shape those lives. No one is as instrumental in the life of a child as their mother. It has taken me way too much time to come to this conclusion.

So why am I still making my life ridiculously crazy for 3 college classes this spring? Because I had no idea how much reading and how big the papers would be for my Roman’s class!!! I knew that Communication of Biblical Truth would be challenging. The weekly work load alone is hard to manage while doing homeschool and staying on top of the checking piles. But add Roman’s and Theology II into the mix, and you are looking at one very busy woman. I don’t think I am quite drowning yet, but I am staying afloat by the Grace of God. I just don’t have the time to share this journey on a daily basis with you, but I plan to try. I miss blogging, but with this current schedule, something has to get pushed back. For now, it will be my lovely blog, and a bit of the housework. I am couching that in the wording of “training the next generation to keep house.” I love my children for rising to this challenge as well. They love cooking and they do their chores without grumbling. See, that alone lets me know that Jesus is present and with me right now. I pray you have that source of strength in your life!!

Yep, I guess I can!!

2 thoughts on “Day By Day

  1. You always did accomplish more in 24 hours than the average kid. I have the dark circles under my eyes and gray hair to prove it. Why change now?? Oh that’s right…you are older and more realistic….maybe.

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