Celebrating Reformation Day

rp_luther.jpgIn our home, we celebrate the Reformation Day on October 31. In the year 1517, a young monk names Martin Luther nailed a conversation starter to the wooden door of Christ Chapel in Wittenberg, Germany. This document was a 95 part thesis of grievances young Luther held against the current practices of the Roman Catholic Church. He was hoping to open a dialogue with the powers that be over the inconsistencies he saw in order to realign the church to what he saw in Scripture. In that moment, history was made!

We celebrateĀ this historic event every year focusing on the Reformation by enjoying German food, drink, and parties when we can. Thanks to our time in Germany, the food and drink can be very authentic: schnitzel, brats, sauerkraut, fried cabbage, spaetzle, and wheat beer. If we are able to organize a party, we play Reformation themed games that encourage education and appreciation of this milestone in history.

This year at our church party, we awarded a Luther bobble head to the winner of the Reformation Quiz.

To round out your Reformation celebration, you can sing the hymn “A Mighty Fortress is our God” which Luther himself penned.

For more info on the Reformation and Luther: Study the Reformation


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