Changing a Book to Satisfy the Mob — Ladies in Defiance

Have you ever had the opportunity to get to know one of your favorite authors? I have, and I can’t tell you how jazzed I was when it started! At first, it was the fangirl moment when the author responded to my review on GoodReads. Then, it was commenting interaction when I discovered her blog. … More Changing a Book to Satisfy the Mob — Ladies in Defiance

Blogging Anniversary

According to WP, this year marks my 8th Blogging Anniversary, but in truth, 2018 was a full 9 years of blogging history for me. I had to take a moment out of my very busy current schedule to think back over the past 9 years. It’s impossible not to think of the changes that have … More Blogging Anniversary

The Time is Now!

If your New Year’s resolution is starting your blogging career, this is the time to do it! There are some fabulous sales going on that you might want to consider! “>Bluehost (my favorite hosting company) is having a great sale, which includes your domain registration, for only $4 a month! that is super fabulous! Also, … More The Time is Now!

Pardon My Mess

I am currently migrating and reformatting this blog back to a much cheaper option than my lovely self-hosted site (though I will indeed miss it). While I am ‘renovating’ my blog, I must ask that you forgive the mess of some of these posts. They are going to look a bit messy while I am … More Pardon My Mess

Winterizing Your Blog

When you hear ‘winterize’ what comes to mind? Your car or your house or even your clothing, right? Not many people think about winterizing their blog. Most folks don’t like to change anything on their blog or website because they want folks to ‘know’ they have arrived at the right place and standard images are … More Winterizing Your Blog