The Beauty of Technology

In the 23 years I have been married, only 18 months of them have been lived in my home state of Iowa. That’s rough on this family girl who spent every holiday splitting my time between my mother’s side and my father’s side. Holidays always meant loud, raucous groups of people living, laughing, arguing, love each other.

My children don’t have that luxury. They have had to live miles away from those who love them like crazy. I haven’t had the joy of watching my nieces and nephews grow up, attend their school events, birthdays, nor play dates.

Today, I am so thankful for modern technology and a school system that live streams events so that family members (like myself) who live several states away can watch my niece sing in her show choir! It was a lot of fun to sit around the family room with our noisy crew and watch my niece (their cousin) perform. We took turns jumping up to look closely, guessing which girl she was (thanks to the poor camera quality, it became a game on our end), we hollered like crazy when the choir finished their three songs. It was a blast, and I was so thankful for the ability to watch it from four states away.

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