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The Timeless Fairy Tale

Last year during the initial months of the Covid quarantine, I discovered an author and series that I am enjoying quite a bit! I've always been a fan of Fairy Tales, even as a young reader. While living in Germany, I had the amazing experience of traveling with Grimm Fairy Tale route with my children… Continue reading The Timeless Fairy Tale

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Pilgrim’s Battle with Apollyon

Have you ever read Pilgrim's Promise by John Bunyan? You really should! It's an amazing allegory of the Christian journey through life, with all the gritty moments that happen while journeying through this life. John Bunyan lived many of those harsh moments and was imprisoned for years for faithfully preaching the Word of God. It's… Continue reading Pilgrim’s Battle with Apollyon

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Changing a Book to Satisfy the Mob — Ladies in Defiance

Have you ever had the opportunity to get to know one of your favorite authors? I have, and I can't tell you how jazzed I was when it started! At first, it was the fangirl moment when the author responded to my review on GoodReads. Then, it was commenting interaction when I discovered her blog.… Continue reading Changing a Book to Satisfy the Mob — Ladies in Defiance