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Too Fast, pt.2

I've heard people say "you are going to miss your kids when they go" or "hold on to those little ones tight, they grow up too fast". I can now tell you from experience that these statements are a GROSS understatement! I don't think all the warnings and admonitions in the world can prepare you… Continue reading Too Fast, pt.2


The Anxiety of Silence — The Red House on the Corner

I have a good friend who recently started writing again after a long pause. In so many ways, our lives have been parallels, and this year is no different. We are both working through a year of intentional focus on our Christian walk. I love her recent post about the "Anxiety of Silence". The older… Continue reading The Anxiety of Silence — The Red House on the Corner

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Building a Wall, Scripture Memory

I love the Old Testament! There is so much in it to cherish and encourage and warn us about in those inspired writings. One of my favorite books is Nehemiah. I once led a bible study from Nehemiah because there are beautiful themes and truths to be found there. I truly fell in love with… Continue reading Building a Wall, Scripture Memory