Old Home Movies


I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!  My kids had the pleasure of watching some old home movies on Grandpa’s projector and watching those old movies brought to mind several little memories!

There is an old home movie of my younger sister feeding a pieceof paper to our lab mix, Coal.  My sisiter shoved the same piece of paper into Coal’s mouth 3 times.  EAch time the dog had waited till my sister was back to watching the camera before she spit it out.  The last time, if my vision is correct, Coal simply swallowed the paper to make Beth happy.  What a great dog!!  I recently witnessed the same basic thing with our large dog and the toddler.  Heinrich never swallowed the fuzz thing down, but it went into his mouth quite a ways for ‘good measure’.

I also remember having a Star Wars Marathon with my cousins.  Apparently my folks rented them from the public library on reel-to-reel, and my cousins would come over to watch the original 3 movies back-to-back.  My father would air pop huge brown paper bags of popcorn, shaking the butter and salt all around, and hand it out.  We watched all the epic battles while the projecter spun behind us.  To this day, when I watch Star Wars, I hear the hum of a movie projector.  I hope I never forget that sound.

My kids also watched the home movies my dad took while he was stationed aboard an air craft carrier, the USS Ranger, during Vietnam.  My children asked many questions about what the deck guys were doing, why the wings of the aircraft folded up, where the elevator took the planes, and how fast the ship was moving.  It choked me up a bit sharing those things with my kids.  To this day, I still love watching planes take off and land.  Dad has had to show those Ranger movies so many times over!!


Memory Lane

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10 thoughts on “Old Home Movies”

  1. Hello, Princess. I, too, thought for many years that Coal had finally swallowed that piece of paper, but Beth pointed out to me that it came out of her mouth each time Beth fed it to her. As you know, that old projector has slow motion and step motion (one frame at a time). So, I “stepped” it through that sequence and, sure enough, the paper came out every time.

  2. It’s amazing how resilient those little guys are!! Glad that your Noah is okay, and I know just what you mean about the concussion protocol.

  3. He was most frustrated with me wiping his head.  I just will never be able to do my own stitches at home 😉

  4. I use Disqus. I started using it when I was on Blogger and continued when I switched to WordPress. It is not fault-free, but neither is any commenting system. It has kept me from having to deal with spam for the most part and I love that you can answer comments from your email and it automatically posts to your blog. I do not like the Blogger commenting system. People on Blogger tend to like it because they are already signed into Blogger so they can comment easily, but if you are not on Blogger it does give problems.

  5. I like blogger generic myself, if only I could reply to comments it would be perfect. But my commenting button doesn’t even show up these days.

  6. Do you have any idea why some comments are attaching themselves to my generic string that goes into each new post?? Customer Svs hasn’t gotten back to me yet.

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