yay!! school has started

i am so uber excited!!! school has officially begun in our home! i always did enjoy school, even though i went to public school my entire k-12 years. the people were fun to watch, my friends were there, and navigating halls full of people was a challenge! i mean, i went to a high school with 3 floors, 1 annex, and graduated with over 340 people in just my class.

i have chosen to homeschool my kids for various reasons. and monday was our official start to school. the new notebooks were broken into, new pencils sharpened, new workbooks done…. it was great!!! but i think what i liked the best was our new school set up. through some very ‘hairy’ experiences with my 3yr old, we determined that a small room on the second floor with no ‘eyes on’ the smaller child was just not going to work when the kitchen was a floor below and the toy area was 2 floors below. it would also not be totally fair to smallest child to be almost totally ignored while i school the oldest 3. so we cleared out a section of the basement across from the play space for school. i used our storage bins to create a half wall and it was ever so much easier to keep tabs on everyone. not only that, but my 3yr old was able to have mommy play with him during school. totally cool!!

and this year, we stole an idea from a HS family we have known since NC. we are implementing a point system. good behavior and grades earn point, bad behavior subtracts points, and if they can earn 80% of the possible points during this school year, they will earn a Nintendo DS. each quarter they have the chance to earn a dinner/movie night with mom. the kids were very excited about this as well. so i am just totally jazzed for this year to begin!! i hope your educational journeys are just as exciting and enjoyable for y’all as well.

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