Friday Funnies!

i have some real short funnies to share with you all that happened yesterday.  i am getting a bit smarter with them, i wrote them down as they happened on a notepad.  because i knew i could not trust my memory anymore 😉

  • during breakfast, my two youngest sons showed up to the table with bib overalls on.  now i have always loved bib overalls on boys, i just think they look adorable!!! but i was quickly informed by my youngest boy that they were builders…. he was bob the builder and the 5yr old was his older brother george the builder.  i bet you didn’t know that bob had an older bother on the team, did you??
  • my oldest boy is very linear and logical.  there are straight lines in his world with little to no gray areas.  we were working on his math: he had been reducing fractions, adding them, finding for X… all that sort of stuff.  so when he was confronted in a word problem with 12-4…. he dutifully wrote it out.  i asked him “danny, what is that, quick you know it.”  he began to cross off the 1 to borrow for the ones place, and when i tried to stop him, he said “mom! you can’t take 4 away from 2 without borrowing!”  yep, he does have a point!
  • during devotion time last night our daughter was praying, and i thought i did a very good job keeping my laughing quiet when she prayed,  “and Lord, thank you for daddy’s job, so that i don’t have to live in a little straw house, on a farm, with stinky animals”    oh the shame of it!  i come from Iowa and i happen to love the smell of the farmland, pig producing and all.
  • my 9yr old and my 5yr old are both in scouts this year.  my younger son was very excited to be in a group of boys his age.  he was very proud to tell them that he home schooled.  one of the other boys asked “what is home school”  josh said “it’s just like doing school, but in a house”  

i hope you all have a great weekend!!  we are hitting the library today and hopefully going to play some games after school.  we have that leftover yuck from the tropical storm that blew through here.  so the outdoors are just soggy.  maybe i will force them through another musical….


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