it’s fall…

i love fall time and fall colors!!!  it means sweaters, jeans, my lacers (boots) and of course….

you just can’t beat this time of year for the duncan crew.  we take long drives in the gorgeous forested region God has brought us to, we scrape out pumpkins to bake the seeds, we almost always have apple cider stewing on the stove top…. and warm hot oatmeal or grits for breakfast.
but i believe that i have a new favorite for fall and that includes my favorite sport of all time, FOOTBALL.  our iowa hawkeyes are ranked this year and we have been quite faithful to watch them play (when we are home of course, more on the crazy travels later).  our kids are getting football 101 and it truly is so much fun to hear even our 3yr old’s voice holler out “TOUCHDOWN IOWA!!”  we are all learning the iowa fight song and my darling 5yr old runs to don all his hawkeye gear for the game.  it is truly a great thing to share such fun family times with our children. 

3 thoughts on “it’s fall…”

  1. wouldn’t it be truly hilarious if we could meet up at a bowl game?? bekah and i are making a hair thing with ribbons tied on it for herself on game day. it’s a whole lot of fun!!

  2. GO HAWKS!!!!The word is FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT for Iowa! Let every loyal Iowan sing!Thanks for not cussing on your blog. (You know, the name of that OTHER team from Iowa.) 🙂

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