openings have arrived!!

the openings for MedCom chaplains are finally posted.  the options are not great but the locations are pretty good.  we really do need an overseas assignment, but i think it would be ideal in a few years when our youngest is a bit older and more mobile.  hubby and i discussed our dream sheet and it looks like this:


Fort Lewis
Fort Sam Houston
Fort Carson

it was a very hard call to make all around.  the locations and jobs didn’t really jive up for us.  so location, family, travel opportunity, topography, weather, job details all played a part in narrowing the playing field down.  but this is another opportunity for us to lay the move in God’s lap.  He already knows where we will be and what house we will be living in.  in the past He has provided so graciously for us and taken us to exactly the place we needed to be for our spiritual development (sanctification) and growth.  since nothing really jumped out to grab us, we are really looking forward to where God is willing to place us, and that actually feels very good!!


2 thoughts on “openings have arrived!!”

  1. You’re at Walter Reed right? We’ll trade you! 🙂 When CPE is over we’d really like to get back to the east coast, and getting Walter Reed would be ideal since it’s about an hour from my family! Fort Lewis is alright but we would like to get back closer to family.

  2. i can totally understand wanting to be closer to family!! they moved us from Ft. bragg to Riley,KS for only 10 months before we got the OK for CPE. KS is very close to our family, and that is all the time we had…. there are 4 openings here, come on over!!! 😉

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