doors and windows…

God has blessed me with friendships. I receive support and love from them and they do allow me to feel needed/wanted… which is huge for my personality.  it is total ‘icing’ on my life cake that my friends share my faith in God.  recently one of my dear friends received a blow to her heart and dreams.  they were well into an adoption process that ended abruptly when the girls were returned to their birth mother. 

my heart sank for my friend, but buoyed up with joy when she expressed her faith that God knew what He was about.  God knew those girls were not bound for her family.  there are other siblings who are made especially for her heart and home.  her journey, struggle, and joys are amazing because God is amazing!  when we humble ourselves and turn over the driver seat of our lives to God, He does amazing things with us.

it is not always pleasant, nor does it always feel great.  in our bible study at church, we are studying When God Interrupts, and the author reminds us over and over that when Jesus called His disciples, He told them bluntly to follow Him and leave all you know behind.  He told them “you will be lead to places you do not wish to go.”  how true is that?  we must remember that the goal of every trial we face is the perfecting and strengthening of our faith.  metal only shows it’s value and worth after it is refined by intense fire. 

but the immense joy is ours during these trials because Christ has already suffered and conquered for us.  He blesses us with friends who are willing to cry and sing along with us in our journey.  our hope is in eternal glory with God.  keep your eyes on the goal and please find time to read about my friend Rachel’s journey.

1 thought on “doors and windows…”

  1. awww, Kay, I’m humbled by your kind words! Life is a journey…some incredibly amazing turns along the way…and some completely devastating ones also. But, God promises to walk along side us all the way. I am so very thankful for that too, because quite frankly, I just couldn’t do it alone! God is here now as we stumble our way through, and he will be there at the end. Praise God for that!

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