Support Operation Coupons

Can I share with you, readers, a way in which you could support your military families stationed overseas? It’s through Operation Coupons! This group gains donated coupons, organizes them into packets, ships them to military families stationed overseas, and we save big over here!

coupons-300x199Why on earth would I want to promote couponing? I know, I am not the best at this subject, but since moving overseas with the military and nearly busting the bank with our first month at the commissary, I began to use them!! I discovered an amazing blessing with using coupons here: I can use a coupon 6 months past its expiration date! That means I can get my snack foods, TP, cereal, yoghurts, cheeses, etc. for a very long time! I cute $5 off my very first coupon clipped grocery trip, and I wasn’t even serious about it yet!

Operation Coupons could use your help in two big ways:

1. Please consider donating your coupons, instead of just throwing them away with the newspaper. I have just signed up and been told that my packet of coupons is on its way! I am very excited about this!!

2. A second way you could really help is get the word out. Please, Pin or Tweet or FB this post to let others know about it. You can also help quite a bit by just drumming up their websites ‘visit’ counter. Would you please bookmark their website and simply click on it a couple times during the day? That would be a huge help to get the word out and allow them to possibly find some big support from other companies.

I thank you for your time in reading this! As a military spouse stationed overseas, trying to feed a family of 7 here, I appreciate groups like this who desire to help me stay within my budget and keep me sane while keeping the family fed. Blessings on you today, from me!! Sincerely, Kay.


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