Bekah’s Arm

i just wanted to update everyone on Bekah’s arm situation.

on Friday she had her MRI and CT scan.  she was a champ about both and was given a great goody bag by the nurses.  they even told her she did better than some adults they had that very week, one whom earned the stern scolding of the nurses for moving around during the MRI.  so she felt quite proud of herself.

the scans have been sent to her bone doc.  we have a follow up visit to discuss surgery on the 15th of Nov.  at that time, after looking at all the data, he will decide if he can fix the bone growth in her elbow joint with the less or fully invasive surgery.

i didn’t bother moving all that up to this week because we have some HS field trips and the assignments folks coming to talk to us in person next week.  i wanted to spread all the stuff out a bit.  we have enough insanity here just on a normal basis, i didnt’ want to add more 😉

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