i am invested!

i am finally invested!!  woohoo!  it may not seem like much to many of you to invest in a future, but i have not earned any income since becoming a homemaker.  so i don’t have any 401k or any investment for my future retirement.

but my hubby desires for me to have something to call my own, in my own name, to do with in the future however i may see fit.  so he lovingly saved any excess from our spending (and with our size family, that is no cake walk) in order for me to sit down and invest in an IRA.  so i am earning for my future!!!  it feels amazing!  it also makes me want to kick myself.  once upon a time, we had no children, 2 full time incomes, and all that money was being used to pay off my stupidity as a teenager, newly married and bored military wife, which took years!!!!  what a fool i was!!  13 years after marriage, we are conscience of our spending, we budget, we have an emergency fund, and i am finally invested in my future.  it was a long,, and very hard road, but it feels good to be here at last!! 

if you are at the ‘climbing out of the hole’ part of life, please believe me that rest and reprieve are in the future!!  don’t give up when the slope gets slippery.  because it will cause you to backslide a bit.  but stay firm to your goals, pray for wisdom with even small purchases, and enjoy the financial freedom conservatively when it comes to you 😉

Questions, comments, or concerns?

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