Friday Fragments!

For Unto Us a Child is Born!!!   One small child in a land of a thousand…
You will find Him in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.

I am going to try again to type this as the week goes, we shall see if that works.  I already as of today (Sunday) forgot to write down a couple cute kid things… and they are gone now 😉  but please do join in or read along with Mrs. 4444 for her Friday Fragments!!  They are a lot of fun to read!!

my 3yr old jumped down from the table to proclaim “i winished my wood now, i need my zert!”  i told him to head over to daddy for a wash up and ask for the dessert basket.  daddy tried to suggest that dessert could be had after nap time, to which the little man said very seriously  “no daddy, dat would not be a wery good idea.” 
i do believe my dog is a bit smarter, or more wylie, than we give him credit.  he’s no poodle or ausie shepherd, but he’s got something going on upstairs.  hubby HATES for any critter to be nearby when we are eating, it just grosses him out.  so all pets are taught to ‘git’ during meals.  however, as soon as the ogre has left the kitchen (i could still hear his steps on the basement stairs) i felt a slight nudge on my right elbow…. yep, the beast desperately wanted a pat.
this is totally how i felt this last weekend.  hubby has a tradition from his childhood of making cut out sugar cookies and then they spent ALL DAY decorating these things.  i side stepped it for a few years, but a few years ago he gave me the puppy dog look and said “please” all domesticated and sweet…. so now we do it too.  i am not a baker, i rarely make cookies because no one will eat my hockey pucks.  this year the dough was a bit extra dry because i got ‘help’ from the kiddos… so rolling and creating this tradition this year was a complete and total act of love for my spouse and kids.  
christmas cat Pictures, Images and Photos
i had such high hopes this year of getting our initials stitched onto the stockings this year, and i bought a pattern for quilting my own tree skirt.  i also did not get our Christmas letter out on time.  after taking 5 years off i was do determined to get this done and early!!!  ah well, goals for next year, ya??  have a merry Christmas everyone!!

4 thoughts on “Friday Fragments!”

  1. I didn’t send cards out this year; just some thank you’s I knocked out today.Better luck next year on the cookies. At least you had the kids to blame!haha

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