it always happens!!

Yes, it sure does, it always happens!  Whenever I hang out with Layni there are always new catch phrases that will always just crack me up.  So here is a brief summary of a few that came up this week…

  • AAAAHHHH, THE SNOW IS COMING!!!  (having to do with the over reaction of the MD snow removal folks about the proposed snow fall)
  • These are the men who star at snowflakes (what we saw all over the highways and interstates.. just waiting for the snow to fall)
  • “I  know that actresses names!”   “No you don’t,  you can’t tell me who it is!”  (brain fart moments, you gatta love them!)
  • “Ah, the things you talk about after having a baby.”  (self explanatory)
  • “Why do I have to hold your glasses again?” (we only have one night table by the bed, mine)
  • Then she said to me, you know in that… CEILING FAN!…she said “I don’t car..”  (layni is easily distracted with ceiling fans!! i fell on the floor laughing about that one!!)

And some of the old ones..

  • Is Sean Connery the voice of Aladdin’s father?
  • That was fun!!!
  • We are NOT telling our mothers about this one!
  • I’m just glad we survived…

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