ah them college days…

This week with Layni here has reminded me so much of college… but then, there are all these kids running around!!  WHERE DID THEY COME FROM!??  Oh right, those are mine.  😉  There has been laughter, snorting, lattes, dog humor, odd conversations, staying up WAY TOO LATE, and not sleeping in. But every moment is worth it!

Last night takes the cake though.  We have discovered that Noah must be teething, he is even trying to gum the furniture.  So I thought I could get better sleep if I gave him some pain med before bed.  But mommy forgot the cold medicine.  So after being up past midnight looking at all my cousins through her FaceBook page (I don’t do FB), we hit the bed.  Noah fussed around 1am, but feel back asleep himself.  Not so lucky at 2:30.  Then the 3yr old came in around 3:30 with bad leg cramps.  Probably growing pains since daddy had them bad during his own growth spurts.  Got him calmed down around 4 and had to let him climb in with us (always bad on my back).  Noah got up again 5:30ish and this time wanted to play and stay awake.  So we went downstairs.  While he played, I watched highlights of my Anne Of Green Gables collectors edition.  Love my extra scenes and stuff!!!  Then I was able to hit the bed again around 7am.

I do have to admit that all the chuckles and fun were worth the lost sleep!!!  LAYNI IS HERE!!!

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