Memory Lane

Memory Lane

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I remember the first time I saw the boy who later (years later) became my husband.  It was a Sunday morning and I was sitting in the Senior High Sunday School room next to my best friend.  In the door walked 2 new guys!  Now this was something great for us because the male population of our youth group at that time was 3, and I was already sort of dating one of them.  Slim pickins. 

He was wearing a matching dress pants and button up shirt.  His eyes were a light green and his hair was blond.  His build was definitely ‘jock’ and he walked with a purpose.  Most of the things on my ‘must have’ list aside from not having blue eyes.  I could cope with that.  He asked lots of questions, he was engaging with our teacher… holy cow, he was actually smart!!!  How sweet is that???

Not even two weeks later my hopes were crushed.  He was chatting with me on the phone, slamming on his current girlfriend like I had never heard before.  Well, that is a no-go in my book!!  So being the upright, snotty little independent I was, I quickly found this girl the very next day in school and told her EVERYTHING!  That started our 3 year war.  I left for college, he left for the Army Ranger Bat, indifferent yet enemies.  How things change, huh??  In 6 months we would surprise everyone by going out on a date and not killing each other!  We actually both apologized for our childish behavior.  A year after that we exchanged vows, to the utter surprise of most of the folks who knew us.  We have always joked that our turnout was so high because most folks wanted to see if it was real.

Thank you sweetheart for the memory!!  You still turn my head, baby!!


Memory Lane

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5 thoughts on “Memory Lane”

  1. hubby is not fond of the ‘dark years’ so we generally avoid talking about it. but it is so Hand of God that i love sharing it. we really didn’t like each other for all of highschool.

  2. Had to laugh at this story! It’s so fun to think about and remember how things all came together. I love contemplating on God’s providence and the wonderful love he showed us in finding the perfect spouse!

  3. Ben’s mom and I often said to each other “wouldn’t it be something if they ended up married” Imagine our surprise when it did 🙂

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