Eatin’ French

Last night for Valentine’s Day, my darling hubby put together a dinner date all by himself.  He asked our dear friends to watch the crew plus dog so we could go out for our fancy dinner.  We did a super fancy dinner the year our oldest was born.  Very expensive for college students in Chicago.  So this year, 11 years later, we chose to do something big again.  Big for us.  My hubby believes in buying with cash, not going into debt unless it’s a true emergency, so last night was a big deal. 

We went to the Cafe Normandie for their special Valentine’s dinner.  It was a 4 course meal, a glass of champagne included, and live entertainment.  I was serenaded for 2 songs, it was fun!!  The food was amazing!  I had a lobster bisque that was amazing and creamy, the lump of lobster in my soup MELTED IN MY MOUTH!!  Oh, seafood lovers, this is your destination!!  The french bread with dinner was amazing and we politely asked for more 😉  My veal chop was tender, I am telling you folks, even my veggies were great!!  My hubby dove into and FINISHED his peas!!  Very rare.  They even had on their wine list our absolute favorite wine, Cabernet franc.  But the craziest part for us was eating our appetizer… escargot!  That’s right!  We ate fried snail!  Hey, it was a french restaurant, it had to be done!!

Of course, we didn’t get any pictures!!!  (yes, dad, i know, you are going to staple the thing to my hand, and i need you to do that quickly!!)  We need to get photos of when we get dolled up!!  Ben was in suit pants and a button up shirt….mmm mmm he does dress up nice!!  I hope you all had a great Valentines Day no matter what you did!!

*Side note: if anyone would be willing to give me some suggestions on a personal gift for this special couple who kept our kids, please share!  They are so generous with their time and their hearts!  The kids have adopted them, they are Gran and Papa.  I just can’t express my appreciation and love for these folks and I want to do so!!

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