Memory Lane

Welcome to another walk down Memory Lane.  Today is a bit of a rough one for us.  Today we are heading to Johns Hopkins.  Our princess is having surgery to correct her left elbow today.  Her broken arm didn’t heal properly… but we remember clearly the day it happened!
I was heading home from the ER.  Yes, I had taken our baby at the time to the ER for a super high fever.  The rules at the Army hospital on Fort Bragg were ‘no cell phones on in the ER.’  So about 5 miles from home I remembered to turn my phone back on.  I had a message.  It was a frantic and highly emotional husband yelling about Bekah having broken her arm on the trampoline.  I could hear her in the background wailing.  I pushed that van to go much faster.  I actually met my hubby on the highway near the house.  I slammed a U-turn, pulled up behind his car.  We traded vehicles and children; I was on my way back to Bragg with another child.

The crazy part is the child didn’t fall OFF the trampoline, she fell wrong in the middle of the mesh.  Hubby was playing their favorite game ‘popcorn.’  He would jump really hard in the middle and see how high he could toss the kids around.  He was now swearing to shred the trampoline and burn it!!  It had harmed his Princess, therefore it must die a slow and painful death (future boyfriends, beware, Daddy don’t play around!!!)

The head nurse in the ER took pity on my weeping child, grabbed us ahead of the line, and ushered us to a place where she could get Bekah medication. (she did joke around about having given up our other bed already 😉 However, something happened during recovery.  They now believe that a blood vessel didn’t get the proper blood flow to the injured area.  Her cartilage didn’t grow back properly, there are bone fragments in her elbow, and the tendons won’t allow her to fully extend her elbow.  They believe they can fix it with a brace after they remove the loose bone.  But that means more pain for my little girl with a very LOW pain threshold.  Please pray for us today.


Please join us, link in and share with us your memories!!
Memory Lane

1 thought on “Memory Lane”

  1. Oh Kay! I’ll definitely be praying for you! What a stressful day that must have been, followed by more stressful days. But we know God will give you the grace and strength to make it through.

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