Homemade meatballs are pretty easy to make and a dream to eat. Besides, making them at home means there are no preservatives or additives that harm the body. These babies are oh so yummy!!!  My kiddos inhaled these 😉

You Need:
2-3 lbs of lean ground beef (I use 91% lean, at least)
Lawry’s season salt (season to taste, go easy on the salty one)
Greek seasoning
Emeril’s Essence
2 large eggs
1/4 cup bread crumbs (or smashed up saltines)


The trick to meat combinations is: be gentle.  Use your finger tips and work the meat very gently when you are mixing in the ingredients, blend well with gentle hands, and then I use a large cookie scoop to drop the meatballs onto a cooking sheet.  That way the meat doesn’t need to be rolled and abused any more.  Drop the meatballs about 1″ apart on a cookie sheet, place in a pre-heated 375* oven till thermometer registers 160* for medium or 170* for well done.  This will take about 20 minutes.  Serve with my Basic Red Sauce over noodles and you got yourself some good grub 😉

Note: for a healthier alternative, place the meatballs on a cooking rack over the baking dish. While they bake, the grease will run off below and not soak into your meatballs!

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