Taking the Pledge

I have a couple things to blog about today.  They are short, so bear with me.

First has to do with something I saw on the news this morning.  I can’t imagine begin able to pay $19,000 for any of my children to go to preschool, but a woman in NYC did.  Not only that, but apparently she was told that this elite, Ivy League preschool was going to prepare her daughter for a prestigious grammar school, then middle school… you catch the drift.  She chose this preschool because she wants her daughter to be groomed for an Ivy League College for her higher education. 

Apparently she was pretty ticked off when she showed up to see what her daughter was learning, and her child was playing blocks with a child younger than she was.  So a law suit is now underway, you can read about this here.  Now, I will be honest, I wouldn’t believe a teacher if they said that their preschool curriculum could guarantee my kids entrance into Yale or Harvard.  It’s preschool… colors, shapes, standing in a line, taking a nap on your mat, and sitting in a circle for story time.  What’s Ivy League about that?? 😉

Second, I read about The Mom Pledge on a Journey With the King and chose to take it myself.  You will find the pledge in its entirety at the link above.

  • BWS tips buttonI do believe that I should blog with integrity in my own way with my own thoughts, because I represent the King in all I do. 
  • I believe in being respectful to other blogging folks because God has said in His word to “love my neighbor as myself.”
  • I will engage in open dialogue with folks I may disagree with, as long as I refrain from being offensive and rude, because these folks have all been made “in the image of God.”
  • No bullying allowed by comment or posting.
  • I believe that I should be as encouraging as possible without being shallow or false.  I am who I am, I was created as myself…. but always expressed with tact and love.
  • I want to keep my community a safe one.  I want my visitors to be welcome and encouraged.  I have this policy with my physical home as well as my blog home. 

If you wish to consider taking the pledge, head on over. 

3 thoughts on “Taking the Pledge”

  1. I just want you to know that I think your blog is awesome! I have alot of respect for you. I love your blog. Praying for you that you continue to grow in your blogging and your christian life.Donna Fusonhttp://donnafuson.blogspot.com/

  2. Hi Kay! We have friends in NYC and the pre-school situation is true! In order to gain admittance to the decent highschool, kids have to graduate from so and so middle school. Of course, to get into the middle school, you have to come from these two elementary schools and those two elem schools only draw from these select kindergartens. And so you end up paying through the nose for pre-school because that starts kids on the “right track” to get into the private high school!It’s all who you know…who knew your social class could be determined at age 4. (sarcasm intended)Ben’s comment is great.

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