Bekah’s Birthday

Good Monday morning, welcome to yet another edition of Memory Lane.  Enjoy my memories, don’t feel like you have to link in, however if you also have memories to share, please do.

This is a special Memory Lane today, we are celebrating the birthday of my only daughter, Bekah.  Her birthday was yesterday, but I generally don’t blog on Sundays.  It’s a day of worship and family time for us in our home.  So I blog about her today and remember the day she joined our family.

On a bright April morning, 2003, I was sitting in a bath in a very small apartment in Seminary housing, hoping to find a bit of relief from the contractions I had been having all night long.  Remembering the days of labor I had with my first child, I was just trying to bide my time so I would not experience another induction.  I really wanted this baby with no medicine since meds appeared to stop my labor.  As I breathed deeply, trying to relax, my water suddenly broke.  I was shocked, maybe I was further along than I thought?  I told hubby, we drove the 3 miles to the hospital, got admitted all rather quickly.  My 1st check the nurse grabbed my bed and they began running me to L&D.  I was already at 8cm!!!
Hours later, after having a panicked epidural and then hours of pitocin to get the show moving again (stupid drugs!!!) I pushed out a baby girl!!  What a blessing after my son, one of each!  But something was not quite right.  The fetal monitor had told us she was under a bit of stress, pushing caused her heart rate to drop significantly.  She came out white like a marshmallow and she didn’t fee any need to cry.  The Ped team declared they were taking her to NICU immediately.  I watched my pale little girl rushed from the room and my pale husband following right behind.  “I am going with her,” he whispered.  His protection of his princess has never waned from that moment.


Days and tests later, it was determined that she must have had a short cord, must have pinched it during delivery… she was just pale.  And looking at her parents, they figured pale was just the way we did things.  We brought our daughter home joyfully.  Then, as she grew, the joy faded quickly.  She was 10x more stubborn, obstinate, and challenging than her older brother.  She caused heartburn and stress, I really felt the need to find my receipt and return the demon from whence she came.  It wasn’t until her 4th birthday that things turned around for our relationship.  She is now 8 years old, 8!!!  We daily work on growing together, finding things we can share and enjoy together, and my joy in my daughter is growing.  I am a tomboy at heart, she is as ‘right-brained’ as they come.  She loves pink, I can barely tolerate it.  But we are finding common ground and loving each other more and more.

Her coming was as dramatic as she is, but I love her for the drama.  She keeps our all male home buzzing and even gets the boys to paint nails with her. She is still stubborn, but she has found delightful ways in which to be stubborn.  The best part is our shared faith.  She professes her Savior and we pray together that she can persevere when things get tough, because she herself knows how small her pain threshold is 😉  I used to have to remind myself that she was a blessing to our home, but I no longer have to make myself say it… she is a blessing.

(linked to bekah’s e-card from grandparents, so cute!)

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2 thoughts on “Bekah’s Birthday”

  1. Headstrong, stubborn? Yep, that’s my son! I can relate :).The word “blessing” has not always rushed from my lips, either, but it does now. As you said, we have grown together.Thanks for sharing your memories with us!

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