Winterizing Your Blog

When you hear ‘winterize’ what comes to mind? Your car or your house or even your clothing, right? Not many people think about winterizing their blog. Most folks don’t like to change anything on their blog or website because they want folks to ‘know’ they have arrived at the right place and standard images are the easiest way to recognize a space. I prefer to use this easy WP theme which allows me to change out the header easily. Being a military wife, I don’t always live in homes or locations where I am allowed to decorate for any given season or holiday. My blog is my space and where I can express myself artistically. That means changes when I feel like it, and winter is definitely a time when I feel like it 🙂

Winterizing your blog is easy and fun, once you find some inexpensive resources with which to play! I find my winter themes at Creative Market because the backgrounds are pretty cheap and very colorful! If you are adept at Photoshop (my daughter is) or if you know your way around Picmonkey, then these simple backgrounds and digital scraps are a perfect option for you!


There are many more winter and Christmas options at Creative Market. Many of the options listed are very economical and won’t break your blogging budget.


If you are more adept at changing out themes or thematic elements, then these options might be for you. Back when I was on Blogger, I never changed my whole template. I simply used the html to add the color elements I wanted for my blog. You can find more wintery Blogger templates here.

Please feel free to ask me questions about either winterizing or personalizing your blog space. I love doing it and I can show you how to do lots of fun stuff on your blog. I haven’t been motivated yet to put up winter images here yet. While all our family is enjoying the snowy winter wonderland, here in Germany we are still in the 50’s and raining. We are praying for snow soon! I can’t wait to winterize my creative space!

Questions, comments, or concerns?

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