Ok, first order of business today:


Yes, I am an eagle addict, my kids and I watched last night as the parents switched off to see a shaking egg with a small pin hole in it.  Out of that teeny tiny hold was a teeny tiny beak.  We danced around the dining room cheering the little thing on.  Then this morning, we watched happily as the parents switched again so that we could see a gray little fluff ball bumbling around the nest.  Crazy exciting!

The real reason for my posting today is our milestone: one year ago today, we walked into our rental home and officially took over moved in.  Being military, you sort of go for shorter milestones, so we are very excited about one year here.  Within hours our kids met the neighborhood.  Not hard to do, it is well established with only one other child in our needed range.  The other families are amazing, the whole crew of teens are also amazing!!  Even though we are at the end of the cul-de-sac, they creep along so slowly in their cars when coming home.  I just love it!!  We also live only 5 minutes away from the church we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.   Did we mention we really like our church??

Now, some of you may think “one year, really??”  Would it help you to join our celebration if you knew that before here we had done only 10 months in KS and before that only 18months in NC???  Yes, moving a lot has several challenges, but many benefits as well.

  1. if you are getting sick of your house, no sweat, you will move soon 😉
  2. if your neighbors are rough, no worries, one of you will move soon 😉
  3. you have a real good reason to have hubby move the furniture a lot
  4. the kids can switch up room buddies regularly
  5. you get to experience lots of different topography
  6. you also get to learn what parts of the country you would love to retire in and others you really never want to see again

We also recently received delightful news that we can finally share: we get to stay!!  We just got our paper orders (RFO) saying we get to stay put in our house, in our neighborhood, in our church for another 3 years!!  Being a military brat himself, this will officially be the longest he has been in one resident HIS ENTIRE LIFE!  We were at seminary for 4 years, but had to move… these kids kept showing up… had to make more room you know.

Despite nasty pink carpet and the age of the house showing badly, we do like it, the yard makes it all worth it!!

(not our cars, but our rental house)
(plaything included, .5 acre for 5 kids and one large dog to run around in!)

4 thoughts on “Howwww-deeeeeee!”

  1. Thanks for sharing the eagle nest link…my kids will love this. And very glad for you that you get to stay. My house I could leave in a second, but leaving my church would be soooo hard.

  2. Your church family is equally excited that you get to stay with us. Yippee!!!btw….you guys came up in conversation over dinner, and Patrick commented that we should have you over for dinner.

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