Fragmentos..the frag maker

Mommy's Idea
Joining in this week with Mrs. 4444 do dump the fragments that didn’t quite make a full blog post. Hope on over and enjoy the fun!

I was unable to pull it off this year but I usually have Santa Baby as my ringtone for hubby during the Christmas season. I switched phone carriers because Verizon is not up here and AT&T was just too expensive while we are working through our ‘downsize’. So since I didn’t get it on my phone, here sweetie! You are my Santa, Baby!! Instead of a Sable, I would love a fully loaded pick up truck 😉 Just saying, baby….

 Favorite links of the week:

My cousin is an avid news reader and usually sends me the craziest articles that I often wish I had never read. I happen to actually enjoy eating the McRib, however, after reading this article by Business Insider “11 Amazing Facts About the McRib” I will be rethinking eating it again…EVER!!

 Star Traci has a great idea that I can’t wait to implement next year (because I discovered it to late for this year!). She found an online Advent Calender. One picture per day on a very nice background. I really like it! Thanks Traci!

Unknown Mami (whose current button just makes me smile) shared a GREAT list of being a mom that is worth sharing. There are just some days that a mom has to vent, but my kids have always made me grow up and learn to love something outside of ‘me’. I love that!!! It really was a good list to read for me because this week we had ‘one of those days’ when all 3 of the little boys were throwing up at one time. I am thankful my kids don’t get sick often, but it means they have no idea what to do when they feel the urge to…you know…get sick 😦


Someone has suggested that the US sell Alaska on the auction block to help pay down America’s debt!! You guys will have to forgive me when I find this very humorous! Not just because we currently live in Alaska, but also I think it would actually be a good idea! Due to the various environmental laws enacted over Alaska’s resources, the economy here is failing. Big oil, their jobs, and their revenue is leaving the state. Home sales are falling and people are getting nervous here. The state has tried to petition for a pass for more oil drilling, but we still harvest only 20% of what is here. If the US would sell the state, those resources would be very beneficial and someone who actually wants to make some money would have it (hint, hint, US govt).

Some of the funny things heard around our house lately (that I remember 😉

“Mom, when can I get a blog?”

“Mom, there’s ice on the inside of my bedroom window!”
“Well, your breath meets the cold window and creates condensation.”
“But it’s ice!”
“Well, yea, that would be Alaska condensation.”

“Hey mom, have you blogged about this yet?”

“Look mom, kishish pesent”
“Yes, Noah, that is a Christmas present”
“My kishish pesent?”
“Oh I don’t think..oh hey, this one actually is yours.”


Do you happen to have an iPhone or iPad and have some ‘app love’ to share? I am just beginning to get a handle on my iPad and really appreciate the apps that make my life easier. I have finally begun to blog about them. If you happen to have some ‘app love’ to share, I created a page dedicated to this subject above. You can include a link to your posted app love for others to investigate and share.



I don’t mean to give you guys video overload, but we finally had our huge snow!! You know the kind of snow that is famous here in Alaska. It happened in one 24hour period. “Now we are so happy, we do the dance of joy!!”


I will leave you with somber thought, one that brought me to tears immediately.

On Saturday, we were rolling out our Christmas sugar cookies, an annual tradition. I snapped a picture of my 5 year old who was doing an amazing job of cutting without wasting dough. And it hit me that I was having a moment that many families in Newtown, CT were not having…a memory making moment with their child. Please continue to pray for those families.


9 thoughts on “Fragmentos..the frag maker”

  1. Since you get so much snow, one of the apps that would be interesting for you to use is called mPing (it is on the iphone list but you can use it on an ipad). My work does research on precipitation and this helps verify what the radars show and what actually happens. Then you can look online at a map that shows all the different kinds of precipitation results that people have sent in. Sort of a cool science thing.http://www.nssl.noaa.gov/projects/ping/display/https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mping/id584383400?mt=8

    1. Oh yea, we love it!!! Hubby got irritated that I took a photo of me lying in it without him 😉 In fact, the wind picked up again yesterday and has blown a huge portion of our snow out of the yard. THAT i got a bit grumpy about, hahahaha

  2. Thank you for the kind words. I love the app love idea. I do have apps that I love, but they are mostly photo apps. I’m big fan of Camera+. I also just met the developers of an app called NuffnangX which is basically a blog reader you can use on your iphone. You can follow blogs on it and it gives you an excerpt of each post, but not the first few lines, it uses an algorithm to find the “juiciest” tidbits to entice you with. It’s nice for when you’re killing time while waiting in line or something.

  3. I have a 5 year old niece, who I adore and I can’t even think about losing her. I so feel for those parents. Thank you for encouraging people to take those feelings of sadness to pray for the families. I’m guessing your 5 year old is the one with the kishish pesant. I love snow too! I lived on Mitkof island in Alaska one winter and the snow was my favorite part. I’d walk around in it and take pictures. I miss that place. The video was perfect to capture the kind of fun you can have in the snow.

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more and cannot come close to understanding why we are not producing more oil…ugghh.Here in Philadelphia we haven’t had any snow to talk about yet, maybe this week.Your little one is adorable. We had our 6 year old granddaughter over the weekend and yes, how horrible. Having lost a brother to violence,I am so sad for the little siblings, they will deal with this their whole lives.Have a Blessed Christmas!!

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