Friday’s Fragmented Weekly Wrap Up

Mommy's IdeaOkay, it’s Friday.  I shall attempt to remember what all happened this week.  Again, didn’t write anything down, nor did I take any pictures.  So sad.

weekly wrap-up

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I hate politics, don’t follow it much, but I have a running political commentator in my spouse.  Our household is buzzing today because as a military family, we are one of the folks who won’t get paid when Govt shuts down.  On one hand I recognize that balacing a budget for a country when all 100 people sitting in the room have their own personal agenda can be quite hard (they really are all self seeking, no one is immune to that sin).  On the other hand, when our household has only so much money coming in, we have to choose what we can spend our money on, and what we can’t.

But it does disgust me that those fat cats 20 miles from my house are playing games with soldier’s paychecks WHILE THEY ARE IN A COMBAT ZONE!!  The boys over in the ‘sandbox’ need to be getting paid.

I also can’t tell you how much it sucks to possibly not getting a pay check.  My best friend and her hubby have had to go through several lay-offs during this recession.  I hurt with her as she talked through the “what do we pay this month” pain.  Now, that might hit much closer to home.  And yea, Layni, it does suck 😦

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It took me a long time to find a Resurrection background for my blog.  It is April and at the end of the month is a very important day for Believers in Christ.  See, we are a strict 2nd Commandment family, no images of Christ.  Most of the Resurrection or Easter backgrounds of religious themes have pictures of Christ.  So I was unable to use them.  The background may seem quite dark, considering my normal layout color schemes.  But keep in mind the Bible itself says the sky became dark when the Son of God died.  It is a somber thing to observe.  Yet oh so joyful on the Sunday morning when a tomb could conceal Him no longer!!!  Woohoo!!

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School this week was very challenging.  I plan to put more details over at C2C Homeschooling.  It was a week of trying to entertain a fussy teething baby (will they EVER all come in???) and trying to manage my 3yr old with horns  hidden under that blond hair and dimples.  Honest to Pete, the child really has no problem doing the exact thing I said NOT to do, while looking me in the eyes.  Yes, I have one of those children.  I think we got through our group lessons 2x, all the way through with no interuptions this entire week.  At one point JJ had found our shatterproof Christmas decoration balls, had climbed up on top of the toy storage thing and was grenading the 10month baby with them 😦  Yep, that was my week of schooling.  Did we actually do school?  Yep, my ‘inbox’ of their work that I must check/correct is full, all three bins.  Whoopie for me.  I know there are weeks like this, and since it’s my blog, I refuse to act like I have things all together.  This week, I kept it together in that I didn’t actually find the office where you return broke kids.  Does that exist, anyone???

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We are only  a month out from my very, very great buddy coming to the DC area!!  She lives in Germany, where Uncle Sam took her after we all left Bragg together.  In February I was supposed to get to hang out for an evening with a buddy from seminary, but those plans fell through.  Then I was hoping to get to see another friend currently at Hood, but we discovered that our South Caroliina dates didn’t overlap like we thought.  So I have warned my Germany buddy that all my attention and hope has been dujmped on her!!  Yep, she gets all the intense Kay who has been waiting to reconnect with friends all year, all on her!!! 

It is actually hard to move around the country making friends and losing them.  The internet is amazing to keep up with them all, but I prefer fact-to-face.  I want to hear my friend’s southern accent in person and hear her say things that just crack me up!  I want to see my tall, one time model, friend and hear about her struggles with her adoption in person so I can pray with her for real.  Also recounting the whole living on beans and rice during seminary.  And I am now banking all this intense focus on A.  Can you take it A??

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So that will do it for me.  I know, depressing posting right?  Sorry about that, really I am.  I have started getting up with hubby as he gets ready for work.  I walk our large dog for exercise and for my knees to function properly.  So I am sore and a bit worried.  I am going to go spend some time in prayer with the One who handles all lifes struggles and stress easily.  Have a great weekend everyone!!

7 thoughts on “Friday’s Fragmented Weekly Wrap Up”

  1. Well, at least we’ll get back pay. (Though the large check will result in us being bumped into a higher tax bracket with the effect that our net pay will end up less than had they paid us on time.)Also, it is a good thing that we have enough funds to make it a couple months. But it really is shameful that the previous Congress didn’t do their job of passing a 2011 budget – and now we have this mess.

  2. Yes, I am right there with you sister! My 3 yr old and yours have much in common! Sweet little expression that will melt your heart, all the while doing exactly what you told him NOT to do!I know we should not worry, but I am too! That savings account is not going to hold us over long, and like Ben says, back pay could affect our tax bracket. Yay. Thanks for doing your jobs ever so well elected officials.

  3. This military pay thing is absolutely ridiculous. Between the Indiana Democrats walking out and now this, I’ve about had it with government. Looking forward to exercising my vote in November.Love that you are real and honest on this blog. I wouldn’t give my time to someone who was just blowing sunshine up my rear end.

  4. Awesome post!! I’m not sure my weeks are as interesting as yours. You know, if I had to guess, I would say that we are probably at opposite ends of the political spectrum but I completely agree that we need to prevent a gov’t shutdown and that our brave military heroes & their families need to get paid! Always nice to be able to agree (and I mean this generally) when many political discussions end in disagreement. Raising my hand as one who has a child like yours (and mine is older, so he also *says* things that are disrespectful). Haven’t found the long line indicating a return drop-off spot 🙂 I have friends that I miss, too, and wish I could visit them more often. But like you said, the Internet is wonderful for keeping in touch!Have a great day, Kay!Jeaninehttp://dressmytruth.blogspot.com

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