Book Worms

Calling all book worms, calling all book worms…

Once upon a time, there was a girl.  Well, a girl past the girl-hood of her life, who sat in a chair, gazing out her window… whining.
“My brain is much now,” she lamented, “I can’t think beyond a 4th grade level!”
Her beloved, rugged husband came near to her and said, “Darling, you should challenge your mind.  You challenge your body so why not challenge your mind.  Reclaim what once was yours.”

So I did 😉  I began to pick things off hubby’s shelf (I mean the man has 5 bookshelves full of theology type books that will certainly stretch a person’s brain).  I wanted to offer book reviews over at C2C, just for reference.  I tell you folks what, you can get addicted to that mind stretching!!!  Oh sure, I still run to my Austen and my Du Maurier or my Carr.  But I now get up an hour before the kids to quickly walk my dog and then curl up under a blankie to read!  Here are some things I would totally recommend to y’all:

This book was super easy to read, well written, and delightfully
full of facts concerning the reformation in the German States.
You will walk away with a great and broad picture of
the reformation during the 16th century, Europe.
This book was simply sitting around while hubby was reading it, so I picked it up.
So good!!  Really, your household is where the kids learn so much about faith
and what it looks like to walk with God.  Baucham has so many great
and practical ways to incorporate worship in your home that will
stick with children!!
Beware, this book will tear your heart apart, but in a redeeming way.
When a person begins their walk of faith, there are many presuppositions that exist for them.  I know I had preconceived ideas of how my journey was going to look and God was going to happily walk my way!!
This is not the case.  Wilkerson pastors up in the state of Washington to some very downtrodden and broken souls.  He has witnessed first hand the despair that comes when a person’s view of Redemption does not jive with a person presupposition.  We think that Salvation will look a certain way, and we neglect to read what it looks like to the One who saved us.
I personally wish to have a book discussion with folks about this one!!  I even have a private blog all set up for when folks are ready to discuss it and read it!!  Be prepared for the Holy Spirit to do a mighty work in you while you read this book.  But I love what He did when I read it.  I found myself desiring to realign my thoughts with God’s.  I want to be redeemed by Christ, His way.  That is hard for a 1st born control freak to admit!!!  If you are interested in reading this and discussing it, please let me know.  It will be in a private blog so that we are free to weep together and grow together. 

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