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I love being creative with my blog space.  We are currently renting our home space, so I can’t play around with paint colors and decor the way I like to do.  It also surprises folks who know me personally because I can’t style my clothes and wardrobe and accessories to save my life.  But I can spice up my blog space 😉

There are so many websites that will help you spice up your blog, and many are free.  I prefer free, since gas prices are ridiculous and we have 5 growing kids to feed at home with only one income.  Here is where I go to play with my blog space!


  • they have premade templates for blogger, they are free!
  • most of the templates have instructions on how to personalize the template
  • be careful with the visible links, some are harder to manipulate than others!
  • you will need hard drive space for the initial zip file, and unzip them before trying to upload in blogger, there are easy buttons in your file folders for this

Backgrounds: these are backgrounds that you can place easily as adding a page element in the design section of your blog.

If you want to dive into a deeper pool with HTML codes, I suggest a few sites that are easy to understand and will make you feel like a champ!!

  • Simply Fabulous Blogger
    • her blogger templates are fabulous!
    • her tutorials are easy to understand
    • she is always ready to help out if you contact her
  • Tips for New Bloggers
    • this site is a little more challenging to read, more details in the lessons

I suggest keeping a word document to save the codes you are playing with and while you learn to edit correctly.  Remember also when you copy from your word doc that you will have to replace all “quotation marks “.  Retyping them works because blogger won’t recognize them when pasted from Word.  Have fun!!!

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