Happy Birthday America!!!

Happy Birthday America!!

Today we are celebrating with bourbon pork, sweet taters, tater salad, and our home made version of hostess stuffed cupcakes.  Our friends are bringing twice baked potatoes… yea, we love our starch!!!  Later tonight we are going to set off some little fireworks, finish off our sparklers, and just enjoy ourselves.

How are you celebrating the 4th of July?  What is your favorite part of being American?

For me it is my country.  Through my Faith and beliefs in the Bible, I am a citizen of God’s heavenly kingdom, but God blessed me by allowing me to be born in America.  I grew up being allowed to play and run free… with no fears from my neighbors or from the police… with no restrictions to my freedoms from my Government.  Most other places on earth don’t allow for those freedoms.  I was free to choose to serve my country, not forced by law.  I have been free to roam about the country, seeing the beauty of our land.  These beauties and freedoms some believe were worth dying for, fighting for our independence.

I have recently walked the fields where my Colonial forefathers shed blood in this struggle for freedom. Cowpens, King’s Mountain, Valley Forge.  The rocky, hilly terrain… the horrible conditions of the camps… facing an army that was known for its successes in battle around the world.  Yet they fought, and they won.  As an  American I  possess a rich heritage, a history that is worth knowing, and worth preserving.  Yes, I am a Patriot, I am proud of my country, though at times it saddens me.  But it is MY country.

“for the land of the free… and the home of the brave.”
this is my country, land that I love”

My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I see.  Land where my fathers died, land of the Pilgrim’s pride.  From every mountain side, let freedom ring!!! 

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