HS: Prelude to War

Our lives…

This week our lives are in a whirl again. We found out where we are heading this summer, thanks to Big Army, it’s going to be even hotter than SC!! Can you guess where? Here are some clues:

  • 2nd largest state in the union (both land wise and population wise)
  • it is the only state that has an article for succession built into it’s Constitution
  • we wrestled with Mexico over this state (or I should say the Independents in the state started it)
  • The Alamo is there
  • The flag looks like this:

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”2997″ align=”center” size=”medium” autoHeight=”true” caption=”Img by Nicolas Raymond” link=”www.freestock.ca”]

So now we start the whole PCS process all over again. I had a bad attitude about it last night, but am doing better today. There are many positives about this location: we can become residents (as military folks) and this gives the kids in-state tuition for the good colleges down there, we have never been to this state, there are lots of historic sites to see in this state, and a very good friend of mine from seminary days lives in Houston. The joy in your life is all about how you handle the circumstances…I’m working on it 😉

Keeping it short this week. Lots going on and now we are planning a definite location for the summer move. Have a great weekend everyone!!!


[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”2998″ align=”right” size=”medium” autoHeight=”true”] This week we began our study on the American Civil War. Such a sad moment in our history! In many battles, brother was indeed pitted against brother as siblings found themselves on opposing sides on the actual battlefield. This is one of the few weeks where I was just too lazy (busy???) to hunt down literature books for the kids. I pan on doing much better next week!

The kids did write secret codes as spies and had fun with it.

We watched some amazing videos this week and continues in our reading of Abe Lincolnl’s World. Excellent resource for this time period!! I would love to know if any of your kids have read Across Five Aprils? Some of the Amazon reviews said it was a boring book. Any thoughts??


  • Abe Lincoln’s World
  • Civil War For Kids


  • Civil War series by Ken Burns. It was free for Amazon Prime members.
  • Battle of the Ironclads. This movie was amazing!!! Loved the history, engineering, maps, and details about the battle given. The video was $1.99 for Prime members.

All resources from this week can be found in:

civil war

Praying for…

Our summer move, for the older kiddos who are taking the location pretty hard, for new nephews coming, and for my father’s rotator cuff surgery. I would appreciate you adding these to your prayer list!!

Video to share…

You folks may not be into cars or know much about the Corvette, but back when we lived in KY I drove down to walk through the Corvette Museum. It was a beautiful place full of priceless, beautiful cars. There were even brand, spanking new Vettes waiting behind a XX, just waiting for their owner to come pick them up! If you picked the Vette up at the factory, there was a ceremony and cheering when you revved up your Corvette….oh, I can hear the ponies coming to life, can’t you??? So I was in tears when I saw the video of the sinkhole that opened up underneath the Museum portion of the building. Yes, I know there are worse things in life that ruined, pricy cars…but the history that was destroyed is sad too. Thankfully no one was hurt when the incident happened.

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14 thoughts on “HS: Prelude to War”

    1. I guess, technically, I was there as a 4 year old 😉 There is a picture of me standing in front of the Dallas mansion with my mother. I am most excited about being near my friend again!!

  1. Thanks for your sweet visit and welcome to the Lone Star state! You are right, the summers are hot as Hades. But we’re pretty nice down here.

  2. I watched the sink hole story on the news. I would have thought they would check out the ground better in that area since there are so many caves. Interesting to find someone who has a connection to the place. Texas I’ve lived there while in the USAF, I thought most military people end up at some point. As you probably know they joined the confederate states and played a role in the civil war. We discovered a civil war battle site in New Mexico (don’t think of that area with the civil war) where soldiers from Texas fought (they lost that one).

    1. Hubby made that exact point about the museum and caves! That is very close to the Mammoth Cave system, if not part of it. It was just so strange to watch it happen knowing what that floor feels like, y’know? You are right, many military move through TX at some point. We were trying to avoid the heat 😉 I didn’t know there was a battle side in New Mexico! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Your family has seen quite a range of temperatures in your locations. I have never lived in Texas, either. Praying for peace for you right.

    We did the Civil War last year with Sonlight Core F. Here is their site link to that package. You can get some ideas for novels for the kids. http://www.sonlight.com/EC5.html

    My kids said to tell your kids that Across Five Aprils was very well written and they enjoyed it (for Sonlight, it was a read aloud, and so my husband read it to them).

    1. Thank you so much for the link to readers, I appreciate that! I am going to go ahead and get that for my teen boy. I think he will enjoy it and we can always do the ‘read aloud’ if we get it on Kindle, right? Thank you for your prayers! I covet them! I will adjust, it’s just not where we wanted to go.

  4. There are definitely worse places than Tx., and you’ve probably already lived there! 🙂 My dream, before I graduated from college, was to live in Tx. I never got there, and now I have no desire to do it! 🙂

  5. I know the city where you’re headed and there is a lot to be excited about! Two fun amusement/theme parks, tubing on the river, and tons of great Mexican food! Not to mention some short road trips to cool places like Austin. We also like camping at Guadalupe River State Park, which is just outside San Antonio! I hope your family will end up enjoying your new destination!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement! We do love camping, thanks for the heads up on the State Park! We are history buffs, so we are looking forward to San Antonio. I think after the initial shock, we are warming up to the idea of TX, thankfully!!

  6. Moving is never easy, especially on kids. But, Texas is a wonderful state. I have several friends living in Dallas, Houston and Austin– none raised there but all moved their by choice and really love it. I’m hoping the same for you and your family.
    Stopping by from Friday Fragments. Have a great weekend.

  7. I’m leaving a comment here for your Feb 28 post. I could not find the comment selection on that post.
    Great news about Germany. I’ve been fortune enough to have visited there. Great place and the experience for your kids can be everlasting.
    You mentioned a Mac program. I’m not sure what you are looking for but I bought (inexpensive $20??) a program called Comic Life 2. As the name suggests it is designed for creating comic which I have never used it for. I’ve mostly used it for adding text bubbles to picture and making scrapbook type of things. It offers many page layouts so it might work for your newspaper idea.

    1. I have no idea what was going on with my blog comment thing! I have it enabled site wide, but it just chose not to have it below that post 😦 Grrr. Did it load slowly for you as well? A couple of my friendly stalkers reported issues there as well. I need to revisit the theme to figure this out.

      We are very excited for the move! Getting things lined up to make it happen has been bit overwhelming, but I am breathing again and taking it one block at a time. Thank you for the suggestion. It was a bummer to have all these articles and funny ads with no where to go. I tried a few newsletter layouts in Pages, but none of them really did what I wanted.

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