I have returned!

Good morning, happy campers!!  Holy cow, it has been way too long!!  It will be even longer to share pictures with you all.  Our ‘photo computer’ lost its Internet connector.  We have a wireless deal in the house so we need that Internet connection to use the computer with massive photo storage ability.  So pictures will be forth-coming… soon.

We have just finished a month of lovely insanity.  And I actually  mean it.  I love being busy, in fact the day after we got home from our family vacation, I wanted to run to the Lowe’s to get things to finish up the yard and price some bulbs… hubby laughed and asked if I was able to just relax and enjoy being home.  Apparently I was still buzzed and needed the motion.. who knew 😉

I will be on when I can.  Our children were a bit poorly behaved (I mean a whole month being out of their routine, traveling, hotelling… who wouldn’t right??) so we are getting attitudes back in check with Boot Camp.  Having a military environment where there is no free time and highly structured does wonders for my children when they behave frazzled.  This also means that I don’t have much free time because I am overseeing their every moment of the day.

I will tell you guys about our attempted hike yesterday.  We enjoy a good hike and had all the water/camel backs loaded, we had done 1 of the 3 total miles of our hike when the kids chose to jump over a large fallen tree covering the path.  The adults had gone around the tree with the stroller and were a few paces ahead when my oldest started screeching that he was being stung by a bee.  Sure enough, his boots were indeed covered by angry bees.  He had stepped into their nesting  space.  My hubby whipped off his Boony cap and was smacking the bees.  The 6 and 4 year old got close enough that each of them got stung as well.  Though the 4yr old simply let me know that he had been stung too… calm as you please so that I didn’t believe he had been.  Not with his older brothers wailing the way they were.  But sure enough, the boy had a sting on his arm.  It was crazy.  We called the hike and headed for home.  I didn’t have a proper 1st aid kit with me.  FYI, rubbing alcohol wipes are very useful for bee stings.  When my oldest was much younger he had stumbled into a wasp’s nest and nearby hikers who were allergic to bee stings told us that rubbing alcohol dried out the sting quickly.  So these things will now make it into our packs for the next hike.  It was one of those situations when you laugh about it afterwards, but at the time I wanted to kill off every dang bee in the woods 😦

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1 thought on “I have returned!”

  1. Oh no to the bee stings!! Can’t imagine how scary that must have been to have all the bees swarming around though. I’ll have to remember that rubbing alcohol trick. Isaiah got his first bee sting while we were on vacation this month too. Not much fun, but we tried the baking soda trick and it worked great.

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