Creamy Chicken and Pasta

Creamy Chicken Pasta

This is a super cheap and easy meal to just get on the table.  Veggies are well covered in this casserole, most of the time my kids will eat it well.  Of course, that depends on the veggies I put in.  I know grocery store prices will vary by location and market, but this meal costs us $4.92, and we feed 7.

You will need:
Cubed chicken breast, browned (1 or 2)  $2.50
2 cups veggie mix, frozen or fresh, your choice of veg $1.79
large can cream of chicken $1.99
2-3 cups milk, or water (if keeping it cheaper) $.44 for the milk
2 boxes of pasta, shape is your preference (my kids love medium shells) 2/$.89

Boil your noodles to the consistency you prefer.  If frozen veggies are being used, thaw them a bit in your pan, if you are using fresh onion go ahead and saute them in just a touch of butter to sweat them (make them a little clear). You can also then toss in the fresh veggies and get them softened up a bit.  Add the cream of chicken soup, stir well.  Then add whichever liquid option you wish, slowly add more if you prefer watery creamy, then finally add the cooked chicken.  To season I use Greek Seasoning and Ms. Dash (yellow lid).


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