Friday Fragments

Mommy's IdeaGood Friday morning folks!!  We are here!!  This Friday Fragments is brought to you by the letter ‘O’ and the number 6…  hosted by Mrs. 4444…. it’s fragging Friday!!!
I was hanging out with teens this week at VBS, they are my uber cool nursery helpers.  Chatting this morning one made the comment about another mother at our church:
 “she has a blog. (giggle) It seems like they all have blogs.” 
This caused all the 6 teens to giggle.  I joined in the giggling because I hadn’t told them I have a blog too.  Apparently it’s funny.  I had no idea, did you???  I don’t think they understand that need for an outlet yet…

My future niece is super active in utero…
my baby sister is a bit nervous….
just like the ocean is a bit wide…
hmm, just like I was super active…

This week was VBS at church.  Since my 1yr old is still very clingy, I volunteered for the nursery.  It sounds like a nightmare to many, but we have some GREAT teens in our church.  I had a helper for each infant and the teens were even willing to help with diapers!!

In fact, the only bummer came when on Monday when I made a little baby so mad, he puckered up EVERY time he looked at me (and he has all week now).  He happens to be super attached to his own dad and I made the mistake of not having his milk warm enough that first day.  It was probably just desserts for the times I attempted to leave my clingy baby in the nursery.  He would holler at them for a bit before they came running for me 😉

We had house guests this week!!  A couple we knew from church/Army had a vacation without their kids to the DC area.  They just PCSed from Kansas to Alabama.  It was a great time to catch up a bit and be able to help them out saving hotel costs while they toured the city.  They paved the way in knowledge to the National Archives for me.  I plan on hitting it at some point for the documentation for my family tree.  My dad has done a TON for that already, I just would like to give him some things to fill gaps.

We stayed up late a few nights chatting.  It was funny really, we were all dog tired, but still enjoyed ending the day listening to the guys and their ‘army stories’.  I snapped a pic of the guys chatting, but my hubby frowned for one moment, and bang, that is the moment the camera took 😦  Also, we had to chuckle at the group picture.  Of course hubby and I had things we had wiped off our shirts!!!!  Oh well, we match right???  I love having guests and these guests were so super easy!!!  They didn’t even ask for a single meal!!!  Selfishly praying they get stationed nearby after Career Course!!!

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7 thoughts on “Friday Fragments”

  1. You couldn’t POSSIBLY be talking about my sweet baby boy….who loves his daddy….and likes his milk warm? Sorry if he gave you fits this week. The nursery coordinator job is one of the last I would pick for the week, so I for one am SO THANKFUL for your willingness to serve.

  2. i believe i totally deserved it, lynn!!! the milk was not warm enough and i should have figured that out. i mean how many babies have i nursed???? epic FAIL.besides, how many folks have tried to keep noah content so i can hear a sermon??? yea, totally due for pay back right??? he’s adorable, so it really wasn’t a huge deal, just embarrassing 😉

  3. Ahh babies! They’ve been everywhere lately, and I have to admit, I’m a little jealous. I miss being pregnant…Congrats! I finally got to meet my new niece a couple weeks ago. =)

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