Do bestie’s have fights?


I have a best friend.. okay so most of us have a best friend.  Actually, I have 2 cousins who I am extremely close with.  One of those 3 musketeer things where High School summers were spent raising Cain in the middle of Iowa 😉  But Layni is my best friend for all the right and good reasons.  The best part is that we can fight and still be best friends.

The most memorable ‘fights’ we had were in college.  See, Layni and I grew up as a long distance friendship.  Her parents moved to MN and my folks stayed in IA.  So throughout High School, we did friendship the old fashioned way.. we wrote letters.  We chose to do the same college so we could actually see each other every day.  Our sophomore year we roomed together… and fought like crazy 😉

We both argue and debate passionately, but because she is more logical and quick on her feet, she could debate me into a corner.  What does a cornered critter do?? Lash out and slam doors.  Yep, I would stomp out of the room, slamming our door because I know that running from the fight just made her blood boil.  Ain’t I sweet??

One of the ‘fights’ that helped define our friendship was not with each other.  Our lunch group consisted of a gal who wore her EMT status on her sleeve.  I mean literally, she would wear her service badge thing on her shirts or wear her uniform all the time.  I have no idea what started the argument (layni, help me out here) but the gal got in my face and my German temper got the best of me…. somehow a butter knife went whizzing past little miss EMT’s head.  Later this silly gal was trying to get Layni (my bestie) to rag on me along with her.  Layni calmly told this gal that “I am on Kay’s side, even when she’s wrong.”  THAT is a best friend!!!

We don’t really fight that much anymore.  We have too much in common, too much history is known, and we understand each other better now.  Yes we argue, but I am thankful that time and the Holy Spirit have helped us to love beyond making someone agree to our point of view.  Thank you Layni for teaching me to fight fair, and to fight for keeps.  And thanks for helping me to learn to NOT take email at face value… we really do need to color code sarcasm and other common emotions right?? 😉


Memory Lane

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