Fallen Hero, SPC Duncan

I never had the pleasure of meeting this soldier, even though my in-laws live 20min from his family and we happen to share a last name (though no relation).  Spencer C. Duncan.

His service was today in Olathe, KS.  My FIL had the honor of watching the procession pass by.  It was an emotional time for all those in witness. It’s a side of the deployment coin that my FIL hadn’t experienced before ’07.

My father in law was a career Army guy, retired after 20+ years serving our country.  He did a stint during Desert Storm and understood what it meant to leave his family and deploy.  It can be hard to do but when you have a mission before you, you wear your game face and focus on what is about to happen.  (I know, because that is what I had to do when I got orders to be away from my own family)  Being on the other side of deployment is harder.  We don’t always have a mission to focus on aside from survival.  We don’t have tasks to get accomplished, we have an empty bed to ignore, a lesser pile of laundry to do, we have smaller meals to prepare, and no one to clean the house for.  I do remember when my hubby deployed, I chatted with my FIL about this and he said, “I never knew how hard this part was.  I never knew what Pat went through.”

My prayers and condolences go out to SPC Duncan’s family and to all those who lost their lives when that Chinook went down.  Tune in later and I will add the link of the chopper video they took of his procession.  They lined the streets all the way down 151st St.  It is a proper tribute to a fallen hero.

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