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Who left that there!!!

Yesterday was one of those nasty days that moms hate.  Messes abounded, things got broken, dog lost his mind and bowels on my carpet… just a gross day.

My dysfunctional MOMent came when I was checking papers at the school desk in the basement when I heard the tell tale sound of something shattering on my kitchen floor.  That tile floor kills everything that hits it, so super frustrating.

I ran upstairs to see one of my darling sunflower plates SHATTERED into tiny pieces all over my floor.  My 6yr old has tears in his eyes and says, “mom, it was an accident.  I was walking to the sink when I tripped over this stupid thing in the way and the plate fell.”

The stupid ‘thing’ in the way was the carpet shampooer.  Sure it’s huge and bulky and quite noticeable sitting in the pathway… however, some doofis left it there along with the cord laying all over the floor.  That doofis was me.  Yep, I was so ticked after cleaning up the carpet after the dog that I just didn’t take the time to put it away.  Oh, sure, Josh should have watched where he was walking, but truthfully the mother should have put her large cleaner thing away to clear the path for cleaning up after lunch.  Bad mommy moment 😦

Old pic of josh, but one of my FAVORITES!!

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7 thoughts on “Who left that there!!!”

  1. ugh, I hate it when that happens. I am forever leaving the vacuum cord unwound and someone (okay, usually ME) ends up either tripping over it, or hurting their foot on that hard cord while stepping on it.of course, it’s one of those things I am forever telling the kids “could have been avoided if you’d just cleaned up after yourself”sigh

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