FF with Bill Cosby

Mommy's IdeaDo you have a bunch of gunk running through your brain??  Would you like to unload all the tidbits floating around up there?   Link in to Friday Fragments, hostesses by Mrs. 4444’s and join in the fun!! 

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My cousin works for the USDA doing tests for folks.  He recieves such amazing phone calls that I have already suggested he write a book.  Here are some of the recent comical phone calls.  He works in Iowa:

“Hi, this is so-n-so, I was looking for this woman from the IN board of health, I was wondering if you knew how to get a hold of her?”
“Have you called the IN board of health?”
“No, do you think I should?”
“Hi, I am checking on something you got yesterday and planned on setting up today.”
“Well, looks like that test takes 5 days.”
“Really, are you sure?  Did I know that?  That doesn’t work for me, can you get it done faster?”
“Hey, hi, why did I call you?”
“Ma’am, I don’t know, you called me.”
“I was hoping you would help me remember why I called.”

This sounds like a great deal if you happen to have big eating boys like mine!!!

Have you guys heard about or checked into Groupon?? I am usually later than most, so most folks know about groupon, but it’s a great deal. I have not recieved any junk or spam email from them yet. You sign up for free and watch the daily deals. If you find a deal that you like, you buy into the coupon, if enough people buy in, the coupon is activated and you are good!! Print your copuon from home and go enjoy saving money!!

Today’s flashback comes from Bill Cosby.  This is funny, but I need to warn you that there is questionable language in it.  Not for children!!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!  GO HAWKS!!!  First big ten game….. oh the nervousness!  We cleared our Saturday afternoon for the game 😉

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4 thoughts on “FF with Bill Cosby”

  1. In response to your comment yesterday—-the Mountain dog isn’t mine, I only love him from afar. I try to learn some new skill every year, but I think I’m behind this year. I can knit and watch football at the same time, so I get a lot done in the fall/winter. LOL My “weight loss hurdle” is very real to me. When the clothes shopping looms, I chicken out. I HATE to shop for clothes. I’m lining up my sister to go with me. She’s an expert shopper.

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