Foreign Missions


We had house guests again this last week.  Meg (used to be Owen) Collier and her fairly new husband Steven.  They are currently raising support to move to Ukraine as full time missionaries.  They are planning to plant churches in the country.  Meg was a missionary to Ukraine before her marriage to Steven.  Steve had done mission work in China as a single guy.  Together they have set their sights on God’s call to Ukraine.  If you would like to read about them or offer support, please follow this link to their SEND page.

I did a mission trip after high school to Venezuela.  I truly enjoyed my time there.  Not only are the mountains in Venezuela beautiful, but I found Jesus there.  I grew up in a Christian home but I was living a life of rebellion.  My mother worked hard to get the support raised for my summer trip and God blessed her efforts.  I told her I refused to go on anything but a working mission trip.  I didn’t want to stand in the streets of some foreign country singing about a God that I had rejected.

So work I did.  I spent 6 weeks of that summer with my team mates, leveling out the side of a mountain for a new dormitory at the Christian camp in La Azuleta.  Sure enough, the weekends brought our team to various towns to sing and do skits about…. you guessed it, Jesus.  God opened my eyes to the condition of my soul on that mountain.  It was truly a mountain top experience for me to meet my Savior there.

Do you have a memory you would like to share?  Feel free to share your own or simply enjoy mine.



<a href=” http://tettelestai.blogspot.com/&#8221; target=”_blank”><img src=” http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p212/tettelestai/Decorated%20images/blgospot2-1-2.jpg&#8221; alt=”Memory Lane” width=”125″ height=”125″ /></a>

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