TT: formatting, poems, marquee

Format Codes

These are some easy tags to make your text stand out for whatever reason.  Don’t forget to ‘close’ the portion of playful text with the / inside the symbols.  Please replace each ( with the ‘less than’ symbol and replace each ) with ‘greater than’. 

(b) this creates bold print (/b)
(big) this creates big lettering (/big)
(em) this is for emphasis (/em)
(i) whereas this is for italics (/i)
(sub) this is for subscript (/sub)
(sup) this is for superscript (/sup)
(ins) this is for



This little coding will allow you to have indented, or hanging indented, sentences.  Perfect for poems in posts.

(dt)Definition Term(/dt>
(dd)Definition of the term(/dd)
(dt)Definition Term(/dt)
(dd)Definition of the term(/dd)(/dl)

It looks like this:

Definition Term

Definition of the term

Definition Term

Definition of the term


For a marquee, or rolling text, the code would be:

(marquee bg color=”ccffff”  loop=”-1″ scrollamount=”2″ width=”100%”>Example

You don’t need a background color, but it helps the text stand out.  The loop determines how many times the text goes by, -1 being indefinate.  The scrollamount determines how fast the words move across the section.  Width being the distance the text will travel across a space.  Example:

Example Marquee

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