Friday before Christmas break

Mommy's IdeaI am happy to see today arrive!!  We are taking a few weeks off school here at home, and I am looking forward to the down time and the plain old fun I get to have with my kids during school break.  It is always nice to take off one of the many ‘hats’ I wear…. know what I mean?

You can always check out my homeschooling life over at C2C.

Here are a few of my favorite tweets:

  • “If one synchronized swimmer drowns, do the rest drown, too? @georgecarlinsez
  • “Today is the 100th anniversary of something, I assume.  Wow, can you believe it’s been 100yeras cine that thing happened? Time flies. @stephenathome
  • “I came from nothing and through hard work and dedication I’m almost there again” LOL Amen! @forrest griffin
  • “Household tip: to prevent injuring your thumb while hammering, have your wife hold the nails.” @thefakecnn
  • “Diet tip: if you fatten up everyone around you, you will look thinner” @thefakecnn
  • “Overweight people report that the advantage to being ‘plus sized’ is you fill the bathtub up real quick, and save money on your water bill” @thefakecnn
  • “Report: the reason drunk driving deaths have declined is because people can no longer afford to buy both gas and booze.” @thefakecnn

I have to shout this out.  On Tuesdays I like to join in on ohamada’s Top Ten blog hop.  This week she shared the Top Ten Teacher’s gifts for under $2.  I loved her ideas and wanted to share them with you all before your kids go on break from school.  Or you could give gifts after the break, right??? 

Since I am my kids’ teacher, I sent the link to my hubby… think that will work??  😉

I have to tease my middle sis for just a moment.  She is making a ‘delivery shirt’ to wear to the birthing of her first baby.  Her reasoning… she wants to be comfortable and the hospital gowns are ugly. 

If you have had a baby, oh, like ever, you are chuckling at her right now.  And yes, she has had experienced mothers tell her that she doesn’t want to put that effort into something that is going to be destroyed and oh yea, she won’t really care what she is wearing at that time.  But, like my baby sister said “it’s just something she has to experience to get, no matter what we all say.”  I can be concerned that she wants to be comfortable having a baby…. it’s not a comfortable experience.

Today’s Friday Flashback comes from my many, many, many cousin gathering memories.  We loved Weird Al and did our own song parodies.  This is a cartoon version, but it can still be a bit grusome for kids.

Packages are wrapped, boxes are taped and labelled.  Just have to hit the PO to get these things out of my house!!  I hope you all have a great weekend!!


7 thoughts on “Friday before Christmas break”

  1. I thought about doing what your sis is doing, then it occurred to me that it might get messy (and it did get messy) so why would I want to mess up my stuff. I like your Twitter quotes. They have me laughing.

  2. Enjoy your much deserved break from schooling. You should have seen all the junk I brought to the hospital my first time. I brought magazines, lots of magazines. I still haven’t read those magazines from 3 years ago. I brought so much stuff, they thought I was moving in.

  3. There was someone who was trying to sell the Shark Tank people over the summer to invest in her company that made special hospital gowns for pregnant women so they would feel special. The sharks didn’t invest.

  4. Yes, that is totally my diet tip 😉 I packed all sorts of comfort things myself for the hospital… didn’t touch a bit of it ;-)I am with the sharks… just something to cover what eventually will be uncovered!Twitter quotes crack me up too!! I forgot to add a couple, will have to do that next week.

  5. I’m going to check out that Teacher-Gift List… I need a few extras for my kids’ teachers…Too funny about your sister… comfortable childbirth… there’s an oxymoron… I was more in the camp of, “I’m gonna wear their stuff so I don’t ruin my own” and since I know now, after doing it twice, that spinal meds make me nauseous, I made a good choice!

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