FF before my week off!

Mommy's IdeaWoohoo!! Do you know what today means?? It means that while you are reading this, I am probably getting groceries with my MIL to prepare for me to be gone for a week!! Oh happy day!!  Though packing for vacation from the bins of stored summer clothes feels VERY strange 😉

I will be reading as many FF this coming Monday while hubby is in session.  I also plan on actually reading from his Kindle.  I have no idea what I really think about them.  So many people love them, but I am an old-school page turner.  I  also collect books, so many of my favorites are not available for e-readers.  I can give you my opinion next week 😉

These guys are hilarious!!  You should check them out for good clean humor with the kiddos!
Heard in our home this week:

“Did you hang your towel up?”
“Yep.(4 second pause)..wait, are you going to go check?
“Of course I am going to go check.”
“Just a sec, mom.”
(2 minute pause, the sound of running feet)
“Ok, mom, you can go check now.”


We are stopping off in Savannah, GA on the way to Florida.  I am so excited, we have never been there.  We love history and we are looking forward to being in this historic town.   We are choosing to stay in a cheaper hotel outside of downtown, but we are going to walk and eat in the historic section. Woohoo!


We had a couple scares this week.  First, Noah took another tumble down the bare wood basement steps.  He went the whole way down this time.  My hubby heard the first roll and was moving before I could even react.  Noah had sort of caught himself from rolling, but skidded down the last couple steps on his belly.   We did our emergency checklist: breathing, blood, bones.  The sweetie was fine, just upset.  Thank goodness he was given a thick skull!!

My MIL is not  a fan of dogs so while we are gone Heinrich is staying with a friend.  Just 5 short minutes after we arrived, Heinrich came into the house from the back yard with blood all over him.  He looked horrible, and of course all the blood was all over his white patches!!!  We discovered that his ear was bleeding.  During their over excitement of being together again, Root Beer’s tooth snagged the end of Heinrich’s ear.  Every time he shook his ear, the bleeding would star again.  She called a friend who helped us bandage up the ear, we got him laying down in his kennel to keep the ear from bleeding again.  It didn’t need stitches, but can I just tell you how freaked out I was??!!!  There was blood all over my friend’s kitchen floor, my new shoes, and both our arms.  We all laughed a bit when my friend told her daughter, “Hey, watch out for the blood, don’t step in the blood.”  Not a phrase you hear very often 😉

I have staunched blood flowing from my children, quite a weird experience to do it with my dog.

8 thoughts on “FF before my week off!”

  1. I’ve wanted to go to Savannah forever! Actually I’ve wanted to go to Georgia forever! I can’t wait to hear how it was.I love the towel thing. Ah, the power of Mom Checking.Okay for the blog thing (you don’t have an email hooked up to your profile so I’ll leave my ideas here)The blog where you left the comment is one I’ve had on Blogger for almost 6 years minus the last 8 months when I moved over to wp and went self-hosted through BlueHost. Honestly it just became too expensive to self host (well, it was only about a $100 a yr but still) so I moved back to Blogger. The problem was, Wp does not (no matter how many times I looked and even attempted to do it) migrate to a Blogger format. At. All. It definitely sucks. I have another blog, placed on WP free, for my kids, so I imported all my posts that went ‘missing’ over to there and just set up links. It’s annoying but I didn’t want to lose all those posts. Basically once you go WP, there’s nowhere else to go, you’re stuck with their format. So you can either continue at WP, or self-host and see if the hosting company offers any other platforms, though the majority of blogs that self-host need to use WP to function as a blog. You can not self-host with blogger, just have a domain name (like I have).That’s what I’ve figured out anyway! I hope that helps you decide what to do. You can email me if you like if you have any other questions. I’m by NO means any kind of expert (I’m known in some circles as the Techno Killer – I choose to take it as a twisted compliment 😉 Andrea@@TheBloggingMama .com

  2. I like the IDEA of e-books, but man oh man I hope they NEVER totally replace the good old fashioned paper kind.  I’m a page turner too.I do read my Bible on my Galaxy Tab, and I enjoy that ’cause I can follow a plan at my finger tips, check a zillion translations, and it’s much lighter than holding a Bible.

  3. Yes, my bible is a large and heavy study bible, so dragging it around with me is pretty hard.  Yay to a fellow page-turner!!

  4. You have a very good point.  My cousin also likes his because his entire library is at his fingertips.  He gets to read whatever he wants wherever he wants.  It also saves on shelf space.

  5. Thank you for your advice.  I can’t put my email out there, I try to stay as anonymous as possible.  I have a past that I prefer not to have catch up with me.I did look into self hosted sites, but that is a lot of work.  Not so sure I have that time right now.  Maybe in my retirement future 😉

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