Prima Latina in Review

If you are considering adding Latin to your homeschool classroom, Prima Latina is the way to go!  I was terrified of teaching my children Latin because I have never dealt with it before.  Prima Latina is a great introductory Latin curriculum.  In fact it is really geared toward children 6 yrs old and younger, which means my 5th grader may appear too old for it, but is enjoying a subject that is fairly easy for him.  I only bought one workbook and make copies off my printer for all 3 of my Latin students.

The DVD lesson set was worth the hunt on eBay (I rarely pay full price, but I would for this set).  Mrs. Leigh is positive and encouraging in her instructions.  She is also an easy speaker to listen to.  She is not perfect and polished, there are some blunders and stumbles, but they are easy to ignore.

I also chose to invest in the Pronunciation CD and we listen to their Latin prayers and repetition lessons in the van.  Repetition is KEY to learning new languages and it will help you to learn Latin along with the kids.  Believe me, my children already get a kick out of using Latin words and phrases that I have to ask for the translation of.

Here is a sample of what the DVD lessons look like.  Though it’s an example of Latin Christiana I, the level above what I am promoting, this is a repeat of a lesson we just did last week for Prima Latina.

Questions, comments, or concerns?

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