Lost diary found!!


I recently ran across something quite amazing… my diary.  Well, as much of a  diary as I kept.  I am not a big journaling person, which is why I am trying to get my kids to do it regularly.  There are very few entries, but I thought I would share the short series in this journal that was found while we were cleaning up the books in the school room last week.  It was a very strange feeling to be reading the thoughts of an 18 year old ‘me’.  I don’t remember this journal/diary and I certainly don’t remember writing the things I wrote.  The final entry (we will get to that in a few weeks of ML) made me go to hug my hubby.  Oooh, suspense 😉  I am not editing what was written, you are getting me at 18, like I was.

May 12, 1995
  I’m sitting home on a Friday night, i”m in the mood to write, so here it is.  
  Graduation is 2 weeks away.  I’m scared.  The real world is waiting to destroy the fine balance I hold on life.  what is I don’t make it?  I’m that near failing government class.  I’m on contract because I’ve skipped too much.  I’m excited about going.  I am ready for the challenges of college life.  I’m ready to see what God has in store for me.  I’m worried that I’ll fail some way, not find a job to repay my loans.
  Then there’s Venezuela.  I’m going on a missions trip.  It’s eating my whole summer!  My friends will all be having parties and getting drunk and I’ll be out of reach teaching the Bible and building cabins.  It’s a great thing to do do, but I still have those nagging doubts.  I feel very lonely right now.  All of my friends are doing something with someone.  Can is out with Nikki at a movie.  I no longer hate either of them.  I want him to be happy so I feel better.  I think it truly was love.  god has someone out there for me I hope. I want him to be strong in faith and stature.  I’d like him to be tall and smart.  I’d like him to play the piano if possible.


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4 thoughts on “Lost diary found!!”

  1. It’s been too long since I blogged, or visited yours! Love the journal entry… and don’t you love to look back and see how you’ve changed and grown over the years. I feel that way with my blog even, looking back at previous entries, the way I wrote or the things I struggled with, God’s given so much grace and grown me in so many ways. It’s so nice to have records like that!

  2. There are passages that do sort of embarrass me, but I am going to share them anyway.  It’s a good thing to see where I was and where I have grown from.  Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

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