Free eBay Layouts

Your eBay Auction Could Look Like This!

This is just a sample of the many, many layout color options you can find at Free Auction Designs!

I use eBay a lot, I might even describe myself as an eBay junkie 😉 I tried very unsuccessfully to create some colorful backgrounds for my auctions, because let’s face it, professional auctions have them. I truly mean I failed the first few times I attempted this feat.

Now that I have found these folks, I don’t have to fret over these things! I am not earning anything from them by telling about their free layouts. I just use them whenever I list auctions now.
It’s super easy. You copy and paste their HTML code into your listing. Then you scroll down the code to the places where they say “Delete this text and add your DESCRIPTION” or “Delete this text and add your SHIPPING details”. Really, easy. I like easy 😉

If there were any ‘hitch’ in this process, it would be the images. Most of us have images stored online with either Picasa Web Albums or Photobucket. You will need to add photos by their direct URL. If you have more than one picture to include in an auction (always a very good idea to include lots of them anyway) you will need to copy the generic code a few times and THEN paste in your image URL codes.

The templates are so easy to use!! All you do is type over the sections they have created for you!

Truly, very easy to use, not much HTML knowledge required!

If you stop by their shop, you won’t be disappointed.

Design By: FreeAuctionDesigns


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